Ill Met by Moonlight

Letter from Fox Wedgewood to Ryan Awful at Awful Publishing, October 28th

Please find enclosed the pictures and narrative for a Werewolf story

“The Frontier is a dangerous place, but just how dangerous is often beyond the power of the mind to grasp. Two homesteaders found this out the hard way. Victor and his wife Mary moved out to Doven Glen to live a simple life. Victor had sold his suit shop and used the money to purchase a small plot of far land. For two months they lived and farmed prosperously. Their farm produced enough food to feed them and to sell in town. Mary’s flower garden was the envy of all around. But all of this did not help them when disaster struck.

While they slept one night the monstrous wolves of the frontier broke into their home and began to tear them apart. Victor’s throw was bitten. The blood spurted across the curtains. He tried to yell, but only a sick gurgling noise came out. Mary was pulled from the bed. Two of the wolves fought over her, tearing open her stomach. When Victor passed out from blood loss he and his wife were pulled from the house. They were never seen again.”

Bounty Log of Gideon, Morning October 28

I sent out Evan Williams, Katrina Jennings, and Mazrim Taim to hunt and capture the Lycantropes that attacked the homesteaders. I will pay them for 40 gp for dealing discreetly with this and the researcher will pay them 1000gp for bringing one back alive. I am allowing Even, Katrina, and Mazrim to borrow by cart and horse after they subdue the werewolves.

Record of the Lore-mistress, Evening October 29

Cordel Gave his account of his hunt saying:

I was in the forest for sometime. I called out with my howl and was sometimes able to get an answer from the mature werewolves. By this I was able to get closer to them. I came upon a dead human female. The wolves may have intended on turning her, but she dies from their initial attack. I heard a conflict over the next hill and ran to investigate. On cresting the hill I found three humanoids fighting three werewolves with one unconscious between them. I bound in and helped the half-elf down the Werewolf Alpha. The half-elf then went to help the Human male with the Shewolf. I assisted the the Human female with the adolescent. Within short order the Shewolf was down, and I downed the adolescent and removed his head. I was about to do the same when advised by the Human male to not. He introduced himself as Evan Wiliams, and I introduced myself. He said that the werewolves were to be given to someone to research. Possibly even find a cure for this. Seeing this a possible a good thing I agreed, but only if I could accompany them. They accented and we bound the living wolves and lashed them to a cart the half-elf retrieved for us. We burned the bodies of the adolescent and the human female.

We went to the road and me the researcher he put the Werewolves in his cart and began to drive away. The human female fired at him with her crossbow and then gave chase on the cart horse. The half-elf chased after her. After a short conversation with Evan, I ran after them, as I did not know their intentions or if the werewolves would be inadvertently freed by this action. When I finally caught up with them they had killed the researcher, the human female claimed he was a vampire. They permitted to kill the remaining werewolves. I decapitated both of them and burned the bodies.

Bounty Log of Gideon Deray, Evening October 28
Evan, Katrina, and Mazrim Killed all of the werewolves and disposed of the bodies. I payed them 400 gold. They did not retrieve the werewolf for the researcher as he turned out to be a vampire, as such no payment was given for this task.

WhineBrass Whiners Obituary, November 1
Victor Dello passed on last night do to injuries sustained in a wild animal attack. His wife Mary died in this same attack. Mr. Dello passed quietly in an opium induced sleep after setting all of his affairs in order. He left his estate to his closest surviving relative, a Cousin living in Newport. Mr. Dello was 43.

Letter to Gideon
Your Bother in arms, Curtis Calvin

So the hunters you sent were something else. They tracked the wolves back to Devil’s Rock and took down three dire bats. When I met them in the bar, the younger one, Katrina gave me a good talking to about the danger in fighting werewolves. One of the local thugs tried to sleep with the Courtesan without paying her fee. Well Katrina flung herself over the railing and kicked him in the back of the head right before Mazrim wrapped a metal whip around his throat and dragged him head down the stairs and planted his face at in the landing. Meanwhile Elsa hit one of his cronies on the head with her elbow while popping the chair out from under him. Evan just looked at the last guy and told him to stay out of it.

We went to hide out at my hit to avoid any backlash from Mayor Derby’s men.

Gideon's Log: Sept 30
Restore and Destroy

The new batch of hunters are an interesting bunch. They took the bounty on the graveyard, did a nice job of cleaning up and matching the bodies with the graves.

Tiz came by again. I swear, that little critter is going to be the death of me, no matter what goddess she worships. She took the bounty on the Mayor’s house, came back with that same new group. They were hurting bad and down one, their Man of Letters. Don’t know what an academic like that was doing in the field, but I’m making sure his ashes get back to his order.

Tiz left a note with me for them. Her planet-side church contacts have sent an acolyte into the field. What is it with these groups and their desire to get their youngest ones killed? Anyway, she’s out there and hasn’t checked in for a few days. Tiz asked me if I could make sure someone finds her (or her body) and gets her back to safety. She left a nice cash pile for the bounty and a few odds and ends that aren’t like anything I’ve ever seen before. But that’s Tiz.

The church of Ragathiel is sending a cleric to look for her, too. I’m keeping an eye out for him. The followers of Ragathiel and Feronia are a weird bunch, much closer to each other than most orders devoted to demigods are. I suppose it’s on account of Ragathiel being Feronia’s son, but still. Even the worshipers look out for each other.


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