Tag: NPCs


  • Ben Colgan

    Ben Colgan is the mayor and patriarch of [[Doven Glen]]. He is a tall, lean man with strong hands and a warm smile. His eyes are a pale shade of green and his graying hair is usually tied back in a long queue. His eyebrows and beard still bear a shade of …

  • Amelia Colgan

    Amelia is Joe Colgan’s wife of 15 years. She is friendly and attractive, an average cook who mostly makes up for it with personality and good looks. She does tend to flirt, which drives her husband to horrible fits of jealousy, but she is loyal and a …

  • William

    William Chandler is a stunningly handsome young man who works for [[Griffin Holt]] as a butler. William is seldom seen in [[Doven Glen]] without the company of either [[Clayton Hardy]] or [[Chris Barnett]]. He is polite and well-mannered.

  • Justin

    Justin Chadwick is a cruel-eye man in the employ of [[Griffin Holt]]. He is seldom seen in [[Doven Glen]].

  • Illonwe

    Illonwe Quinway is a delicately-featured man in the employ of [[Griffin Holt]]. He seems far too delicate to be a standard farm hand, though he is often seen in the fields. It is unusual but not unheard of to see him in [[Doven Glen]] in the company of …

  • Rhoda

    A petite young woman who works for [[Griffin Holt]] as a housemaid. She has an easy smile and oddly colored eyes, one pale blue and one dark violet.

  • Warren

    Warren is a mysterious creature who lives on [[Griffin Holt]]'s ranch. He is considered a myth by many who live in [[Doven Glen]] and few who live there have actually seen him.

  • Chris Barnett

    Chris Barnett is [[Griffin Holt]]'s right-hand man and an expert cattleman. He lives on the GG Ranch in a small house off the big house. Often seen in [[Doven Glen]], Chris is a friendly, well-respected man though one few will irritate.

  • Zachary Fox

    Father Zachary Fox is the kind, welcoming head of the church of [[Saint Caliaphas]] in [[Doven Glen]]. He welcomes people of all faiths and believes in the power of prayer to soothe the mind and comfort the worries of this life. Father Zachary was born …

  • Dramatis Personae

    *People of Importance:* * [[Alana Bunker]] - a mythical hunter known to all locals. * [[Asindi Goldfury]] - Onossilyan traveler.

  • Alana Bunker

    Alana Bunker is a near-mythical figure in the hunter community. Any hunter who hasn't heard of her will quickly be treated to hours of stories of her heroism and daring deeds, some of which are actually true. She's been said to have defeated hoards of …

  • Moshe

    Moshe was the earthly manifestation of [[Tatavul]]'s love for the world. As the god's only son, he was sent to the material plane to be killed as a sacrifice, then resurrected three days later. He later ascended to his father's home plane.

  • Angus

    Angus is a strange wanderer occasionally seen in the towns around the Elimen frontier. He is cagey about his origins and seems good-natured if possibly dangerous. His eyes are a strange shade of green with gold tints and his long black hair is impeccably …

  • Asindi Goldfury

    Asindi Goldfury is a spunky young woman who has been spotted wandering from town to town for a while. She is frequently seen wearing a long, rainbow-dyed shawl worn over her face and head. She has a few strange mannerisms, which most people attribute to …

  • Fanya Salvaterra

    Fanya was born to a rich merchant in Whinebrass Heights. Her father owns the lucrative Trident Hotel, a stopping point for all wealthy and important visitors to the Elim continent. When she was old enough, Fanya was presented to Elim society in the proper …

  • James

    James "Jimmy" Hood was a young man who lived on the outskirts of Doven Glen. He was killed as a witch by his neighbors after protecting them from an undead summoner while he was assisting [[:kat | Kathryn "Rhys" Coombs]]. Jimmy does not have a clear …