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  • Tymora

    A stranger to Elim, Tymora is the goddess of luck native to a different planet. Her interest in the bloodline of a specific worshiper has drawn her as far as this planet. Tymora does her best not to interfere with Desna's interests here and defers to the …

  • Faiths

    The settlers of the Eastern continent of Elim have brought with them a variety of gods and goddesses from a wide swath of the Planes. Most of them match up with the Golarion pantheon, but there are a few exceptions. Due to the lack of magical belief …

  • Moshe

    Moshe was the earthly manifestation of [[Tatavul]]'s love for the world. As the god's only son, he was sent to the material plane to be killed as a sacrifice, then resurrected three days later. He later ascended to his father's home plane.