The settlers of the Eastern continent of Elim have brought with them a variety of gods and goddesses from a wide swath of the Planes. Most of them match up with the Golarion pantheon, but there are a few exceptions.

Due to the lack of magical belief in settlers, most of the worship is empty, philosophical, or psychological. This is reinforced by the lack of interest most of the Golarion gods have shown in their worshipers on the plains. Several have manifested to the brave settlers and gained worship, but most choose to ignore the wilderness people.

Major Deities on the frontier
Desna – Golarion goddess of luck, travelers and destiny.
Cayden Cailean – Golarion god of brew, bravery and freedom.
Erastil – Golarion god of farming, family and hunting.
Abadar – Golarion god of civilization, merchants and law.
Pharasma – Golarion goddess of death, birth and prophecy.

Feronia – Demi-goddess of fertility and sacred or cleansing fire.
Ragathiel – Empyreal lord of chivalry, duty, and vengance. Feronia’s son.

New Deities
Tymora – Goddess of luck
Tatavul – God of All


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