“Elim is considered wild by most of the planet. If the outside knew what creatures haunted our streets, they would have to make new words to give voice to the anarchy.

The people living here know little of these dangers. What they do know is hidden in horror stories and children’s fables. Even those gifted with perception will shrug off the impossible in favor of their comfortable worldview.

Telling the masses of the danger would be of little use. Those that do believe would be prone to panic, and those that do not, would silence those who spoke for fear of upsetting the status quo.

So we labor in shadows, we who hunt what others call myth. Knowing our work will never see the sun and that our work will be forgotten after we breath our last. Many of us fight for revenge. Others fight to prove themselves or a theory.

I will fight to protect the unwitting from the unknown."

-From the Journal of Inspector Charles Saint Francis


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