Poetry Corner

Hammer 3 650DR

The Baled of Gwythyr Adyryn

Check out this chest
Check out these arms
they come at me
but ain’t no harm

In deep jungles
I killed a drake
head’s on my wall
I’m not for Fake

faced all hell’s army
in dwarven dome
crying for mommy
sent ’em back home

defends the kids
from the undead
vamps’ ghosts, and ghouls
all seein’ red

Went to Llimyah
Met Mantacore
Showed him my blades
Showed him death’s door

… (Following 3 pages omitted to save space)

The Limerick of Brown Zoro

There once was a man, Horace de Hass
who made giant noises from his ass

He was the next in line for the crown
well he was, until his pants turned brown

The guests erupted in loud laughter
as Intestinal distress shook rafters

He came to the party with the best strumpet
And left to the roar of his own butt trumpet



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