Writer's Block

date editor’s note by francis

well this is terribly meta. i was copying a note from the journal of adrian alfonso agreevean the 236th, when i discovered that his eidolon could see me. i quickly fled, but not before it ripped a page from my own book and marked me as its quarry. i jumped planes but quickly discovered that an army of infernals was following me. it seems they used some kind of tracking spell that was able to transcend planes, a powerful magic indeed. i was able to contend with them a few at a time but found myself quickly worn down, not being a fighter by trade. events quickly turned against me when a contingent of asuras joined. i would have fled from them to the court of alshered, by the river londai in the mountains of arboria, but for reasons that do not bear mentioning here i am not welcome there. instead i fled to the maelstrom of limbo to evade my fiendish lawful persuers. this was effective, but i soon found myself set upon by abyssal hordes. i fled from them across the outlands and made my way into new sigil. there i contended them once more in small groups, and as i stated before i am no fighter. in one particular tussle i lost some notes that i had not yet added to my book. realizing my inability to deal with my current situation, i shifted to the prime material and sought out those i believe could help me in my plight.
it being night i went to their headquarters to meet them. i misjudged the vertical positioning and as such teleported onto a rather unsturdy table. i called out to each of them by their titles which seem to rouse them from their slumber, or perhaps my falling through table did so. i told them briefly of my plight and they agreed to assist me. the remainder of the night was uneventful. the next morning found us dipped once more into chaos. the courtesan was called away on business that she was unwilling to deny. the temple of tatavul in whinebrass with set fire to. the holy son fled quickly to see to it. there he contended a hamatula and a flayer. one he killed, the other fled when it realized it was outmatched . the sykari received a note of ransom that encompassed every duck within the entirety of whinebrass. if he did not meet the writer at his second favorite (now least favorite) duck pond, then all the ducks should be removed from whinebrass. while the writer did not specify what fate would befall the ducks, i did not expect it would have been good. the sycari was not present, so the note was ignored. the hutress receive an invitation from the barterer to meet a potential ally. she turned him down, seeing protecting me as more worthwhile. for that i am thankful. the pixy continued to build on the base. and the cobbler, joined the others in guarding me.
a contengent of asuras entered the base and searched for me. they were quickly cut off by spells from the pixey and cobbler. the combat dragged, but went favorably for us. whenever the asuras were seen they were quickly killed by our allies. also a demon plant attacked but the huntress and pixie killed it. before i left, i explained to katrina that some pages of dur rits familyer were event locked. when i offered to send her into the pages, she did not hesitate to agree. i will make amends in arboria, collect the needed supplies, and return for the ritual.



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