Katherine Elizabeth Forthright

Renowned Courtesan of Onossilya


Elizabeth is a tall thin woman in her early 20’s. She has an hourglass figure. She has long curly white hair and pale white skin. her eyes are large with purple Irises. Her ears are pointed in the Elven manner. Clothing wise she normally dresses in white with some other accent colors. She always wears wears skirts or dresses. She will not wear pants, ever. Her style of dress is Victorian with external Corsetry.


I was born in Onysillia to an Elven mother and a human Father. My mother is the Madam of Ellie’s Companions, a companion house in the Human District. Before she was married to my father my mother was a brazen strumpet. She bedded some of the most prominent men of the city, in the Human, Elven, and Public Districts. She told me so many glorious stories. Of course I can’t give any names. A companion never kisses and tells, at least not with both names and actions. After she married my father, my mother retired from her active work as a companion. My father being a Christian couldn’t abide the thought of his wife sleeping with other men. My father was and is one of the premier tailors in the Human district. he is a very loving man. A few years ago when I told him I wanted to travel about for a while, he was very supportive. He hired a self-defense tutor and a bow instructor for me. I’m getting ahead of myself. When I was 12 I told my mother I wanted to do what she did. She said no, more accurately she said not yet, but to my young brain it sounded like no. She started me working on the finer points of being a companion, the way to walk, sit, eat, and everything else that affects the way people perceive you. She taught me how to dance. As I grew older she taught me how to attract attention to myself when I wanted it, and how to blind in when I didn’t. So about the time I turned 18 I first met the High Madam of Onysillia. She arranged my first bedding. She was the perfect madam, but there was something wrong about her. I shared my fears with my mother and some of the other companions. They all rejected the thought out of hand. Advanced as Onysillia is, we seem to think that evil can’t slip by us. We think that evil magic doesn’t abide in the city. Even though I’m part of that society, I still saw her evil. The only person that believed me was my father. He told me to keep it to myself, and hope the authorities would deal with it. As far as I know she is still undetected, at least that was the case a year later when I decided to leave. I couldn’t stand being so close to her base of power. She had enough connections in the city to keep any information about her kind getting out. I became frustrated at my inability to make progress both in this investigation, and professionally, the High Madam seemed to be blocking my advance. So like I said before, I decided to leave. My father made my traveling clothes and had me trained to survive in the world. I set off and haven’t been back since.
I am 21 now. I find myself in this distant land. It seems so different. Not a lot of people here know who I am, hardly any actually. I announced myself to the local companions’ guild. They don’t seem too ecstatic to have me. Though the reality of evil seems even more hidden and denied here, I’m sure if I keep digging, I’ll find out what the High Madam is, and how to take her down.

Katherine Elizabeth Forthright

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