Blood Feud 1: Proof of Life

An entry from the journal of the Hunter Brooks

In my search for the dread vampire Carris, I came across an abnormal number of disappearances around the docks in New Port. After staking out a few taverns specifically catering to sailors, sure enough, I located a vampire. One of the weakest specimens I’d fought, it was easy enough to overcome. Its gaseous form got away from me, however, and I wasn’t keen to follow it back to any potential allies anyway. At least, not alone.

I sent out a request for help, and the cavalry arrived a few days later in the form of Katrina, Mazrim, Wesley, Eliza and Gwythyr. They gathered some information on a pair of grave robberies that indicated recently turned vampires, but the trail didn’t lead us to either body. We split up to cover additional ground and hopefully track a vamp back to his resting place and any allies he might have. They used their communication devices to send word back and forth, and Mazrim eventually flushed one out. Katrina’s enthusiasm was a bit much, and she confronted what ended up being a lopsided trio of vampires before we’d had much chance to prepare.

The weakest two (formerly a well-to-do importer named Hatch Orrin and an itinerant gunslinger named Cotton Tom) were little challenge at all, but their female companion had an impressive array of spells. She kept us mostly pinned down as we made our way across the warehouse they’d been hiding out in and slung some of the more powerful spells I’ve stood up against, spinning and hopping back and forth like a classical dancer the whole time. She turned Mazrim against us as we got closer to her, but Eliza was able to slam her with a few sonic spells, and Katrina managed to draw a little blood from her with a well placed sword strike. I’m not ashamed to admit that nothing I did could scratch her. She took off after being cut but seemed pleased by the experience.

While I’ve kept an ear to the ground in New Port since, nothing seems off. We don’t have much idea why the female vamp was here or why she turned those two corpses in specific. One of the crew theorized that she’d had herself shipped in from Onosyllia, and that would explain why they were hiding out in Orrin’s warehouse. She seemed only too happy for us to have found her, however, and I suspect we haven’t seen the last of her. Best to find her before she comes looking for us again, though. So now I’ve got two vampires to track down.



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