Blood Feud 2: Hunter Hunted (conclusion)

A note sent to the Hunters' base

Christopher Albrecht made his living hunting vampires on the old continent. He was talented and attained that rarest milestone for those in his line of work: middle age. More than just the family business, hunting became an obsession. So when he learned of a dread vampire in Elim turning as many humans as it could get away with, he boarded the first boat he could find. By the time he’d picked up her trail, however, Carris was nothing but a dead body — the final victim of her widower’s ill-advised contract. Never one to leave well enough alone, he then set his sights on me. Though little more than an annoyance, he proved intractable and needed to be removed. The lifelong vampire hunter was himself turned, though his vampirism and death helped to train a new generation of vampire hunters. Whether that was cruelty or kindness on my part I now lack the capacity to discern.



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