Brom's Notes

On the Past Dive of Evan Williams

Session went pretty well. They were a little more violent than anticipated, but the meshing of two distinct personalities into a single persona is bound to have unexpected results

For our exploration into Evan Williams’ past, Sarah Sullivan agreed to play Evan, Delphi played Kayna, Lesley played Owen, and Eleazar played Elowyn.

When they arrived in town, our party was met by the shouts of young men advertising. Being a man with a mission, Evan ignored them and headed to the church to see the priest. The priest revealed sacred swords of Ragathiel that had been damaged. These swords were owned by Double G Ranch.
Evan and Elowyn examined the weapons and determined that damage was caused by energy from somewhere between the Grey Waste and the Abyss.
After examining the swords, they went to the location of the vandolism where the most damaged sword was found. At the site, they found three symbols painted in a redish brown substance.
After following up on a couple dead ends, they went to Double G Ranch the location the rest of the swords were found and where they were all kept.
A farm hand they mistook for Holt, the proprietor, led them to the lockers in which the swords had been stored. The locks had been broken with bolt cutters. They examined the bolt cutters in the shed and found no proof that these had been used to break the locks.
Again feeling they were at a dead end, they left the ranch.
While they were leaving, a young man rushed them and hung to their clothing asking for them to get him away from the ranch as he was a slave.
When the farm hand they had talked to came to retrieve the young man, Evan made it clear they the young man was leaving with them.
Once back at The Dancing Shadow, the young man explained that he was tricked into signing an unfair contract and was unable to work his way out.
Being suspicious, the party sent Kayna to spy and see of any other infractions.
While spying, she saw a different farm leave the ranch and go to the Brass Fox. After donning some rather obvious disguises, they all went into the Brass Fox to spy on the farm hand.
After a few drinks, the farm left the bar and made his way to a collar of a house a short distance from the bar. Being a master of stealth, Kayna was able to sneak into the cellar right behind him. She observed another male and a female giving the farm hand a bottle of reddish liquid. Noticing a change in the conversation, Kayna realized that she was made and exited the basement as soon as possible. She followed the farm hand back to his bunk while Evan and the rest of the party “questioned” the other man and woman.
“Questioned” meaning that Evan kicked the door into the woman when she tried to close it on him and accused the couple of moonshining. Evan could tell they were hiding something, but was unable to investigate because the man rightly pointed out that he had no jurisdiction and was in fact guilty of multiple crimes.
Lacking any further leads on their sword investigation, they settled to do a “good” that they thought needed doing: they planned to free the slaves from Double G Ranch.
Evan marched right to the male slave bunks and was allowed in. Much as he expected, the guard locked the door behind him. After a rousing speech and a couple signs, Evan convinced the men to attempt an escape. Elowyn went to the women’s bunks and attempted to reason with the women that they should leave. The majority of the women having had their spirits broken, asked her to leave.
As a distraction or possibly judgement on Holt, Evan used Wall of Flame on the plantation house.
In the ensuing pandemonium, Evan led the men to safety. Some of the men went to the women’s bunk and convinced them to try and escape.
Owen covered their escape by mercilessly killing guards and other men with guns.
Elowyn remembering that Holt had three children cast some abjuration magic on herself and went into the burning house to find them. After a quick search, she did not find them and left the building.
Once the procession of newly freedmen entered town, Evan used his remaining magic to heal the wounded and weak.

After a short rest, they were awoken at first light as a monsterous Tannari erupted from under the house they had gone to the night before.
Evan rushed in while Owen and Kayna layed down covering fire with their rifle and bow respectively. Finding that his rifle did not work, Owen joined Evan in the fray. Elowyn then remembered that Evan had a book on summoning. She could only read the part on celestial summoning, but she hoped that the same rules applied. As she understood, the summoned creature was being powered by the circle that summoned it. If they could break the circle, they could weaken it. On this premise, she teleported to the Dancing Shadow and pointed the hunters toward the Balban.
Outside, Evan was experiencing the destructive ability of the Balban as it grabbed him and backhanded a building before throwing him to his death.
When the hunters came out to fight the Balban, it charged towards them and took out a third of their number with its feet.
While it was distracted Owen and Kayna used teamwork and conveniently placed bolt cutters to break the metal circle.
When the circle was broken, the Balban shrunk rapidly as the hunters ganged up on and beat it to death.

Overall I was pleased with how session went, there were a few times things did not go as they should. With Evan’s “questioning”, he should have gotten more information, but knowing that he did not discover the truth then, I downplayed his ability. Owen seemed a little bloodthirsty, but I’ll chalk that up to the thinly veiled rage in Lesley. The monster itself was an increased threat over what Evan and his party actually faced, but given that I was working off of the statistics Evix gathered when she met them the increased threat was necessary. Seeing how they often blew past challenges I set them, I may have to make approximate stats of my own to emulate less experienced versions of the people if I do a past dive again.

Attached is the note I intercepted and based this adventure after.

After receiving your missive regarding questions about my actions in Doven Glen in the winter months, I have set myself to recall the events and outline them in a short and comprehensive way.

Having come to Doven Glen following the desecration of the Holies [holy swords?] that had been used by Double G Ranch, I became aware of the oppression by the tyrant named Holt by the witness of one of his escaped slaved we helped.
Resolving to lead them free, I went to the place Holt kept them and preached of freedom from tyrants in the name of Ragathiel. Having preached and done signs, the men felt the fire of passion burn within them and spoke to me of their oppression. Burning then with fury against the tyrant and needing a way to lead the people to safety, I set fire to Holt’s house and under the cover of the flames and smoke led the people to freedom. As for the rest of my party, Elowyn checked the main house to make sure no innocents were there while Owen and Kayna saw to the disarming and concussing of guards.

Regarding the deaths of hunters you were told about.
Shortly after we had arrived back in town, a wrecker demon, Abrikandilu properly, came from a house we previously investigated. Not wanting the monster to cause any harm, Owen and I rushed to corner it. It was a horrible creature and would likely have killed me had Elowyn not shown up with a couple of hunters she found in the Dancing Shadow. She and the hunters distracted it just long enough for Owen to destroy the [summoning] ring. The hunters with her died by the claws of the demon, but Elowyn was able to knock it out and I chopped off its head sending it back to the abyss.

Of the three culprits who summoned this demon, one was killed by it. The other two were detained after it was slain. They turned over the leather scrap on which the foul ritual was written. They described the man who gave it to them as pale and gaunt and said that he asked for directions to various towns in the region. My team and I are setting off to apprehend this sower of abominations.
We request your prayers and those of the brethren as we go about this endeavor

I testify that all I have written is true and my conscience is clear



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