Evan's Letters

The Council of Our Imperial Lord
19th district tier 6 that the deeds of Ragathiel The General of Vengeance and that of all of his priest may be deemed good in the eyes of all men and the gods alike.

To Brother Evan Williams missionary to the continent of Elim.

We have recently received word of your actions in the area of Doven Glen specifically those on the premise of Double G Ranch and the death of some men specified to us as “hunters”.

Please respond in short order that you deeds may be judged rightly and the deeds of Ragathiel not be blasphemed.

Evan Williams priest of Ragathiel
To the Council of Our Impereal Lord

After receiving your missive regarding questions about my actions in Doven Glen in the winter months, I have set myself to recall the events and outline them in a short and comprehensive way.

Having come to Doven Glen following the desecration of the Holies that had been used by Double G Ranch, I became aware of the oppression by the tyrant named Holt by the witness of one of his escaped slaved we helped.
Resolving to lead them free, I went to the place Holt kept them and preached of freedom from tyrants in the name of Ragathiel. Having preached and done signs, the men felt the fire of passion burn within them and spoke to me of their oppression. Burning then with fury against the tyrant and needing a way to lead the people to safety, I set fire to Holt’s house and under the cover of the flames and smoke led the people to freedom. As for the rest of my party, Elowyn checked the main house to make sure no innocents were there while Owen and Kayna saw to the disarming and concussing of guards.

Regarding the deaths of hunters you you were told about.
Shortly after we had arrived back in town a wrecker demon, Abrikandilu properly, came from a house we previously investigated. Not wanting the monster to cause any harm, Owen and I rushed to corner it. It was a horrible creature and would likely have killed me had Elowyn not shown up with a couple of hunters she found in the Dancing Shadow. She and the hunters distracted it just long enough for Owen to destroy the ring. The hunters with her died by the claws of the demon, but Elowyn was able to knock it out and I chopped off its head sending it back to the abyss.

Of the three culprits who summoned this demon, one was killed by it. The other two were detained after it was slain. They turned over the leather scrap on which the foul ritual was written. They described the man who gave it to them as pale and gaunt and said that he asked for directions to various towns in the region. My team and I are setting off to apprehend this sower of abominations.
We request your prayers and those of the brethren as we go about this endeavor

I testify that all I have written is true and my conscience is clear.

The Council of Our Imperial Lord
19th district tier 6 that the deeds of Ragathiel The General of Vengeance and that of all of his priest may be deemed good in the eyes of all men and the gods alike.

Having received your letter and testimonies from other witnesses, we find that we do not need to render any punishment upon you.
However, because you acted outside of the law when there existed a noble establishment, you have brought accusations against the Church of Ragathiel. As it was reported to us, you and your party are wanted in Doven Glen for property damage, vandalism, many assaults, and a couple attempted murders.
We cannot say if the local law enforcement would have assisted you or even have sanctioned your actions, but we must for the sake of the name of Ragathiel direct you to always involve local law, so long as it is noble, when preparing to execute vengeance on people in their jurisdiction.
Further should the local law not be of good reputation, you are free to act without notifying them but only in so far as you do not cause destabilization without having first prepared a righteous way to stabilize in the aftermath of your actions lest in the chaos some greater evil take root.

You have our prayers and those of the brethren also. When you find this diabolist, see that he is brought to justice. If a mortal then by law, if of another sort then by an unwavering sword.



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