April 3rd. Report to The Don Orcini. Recorded on phonogram.

I hope this report finds you well… that’s stupid he’s bedridden. ah, crap… how do you re-start this thing… there we go, all good. The hunters Gwythyr Aderyn, under the sernane Mactyryn, and Mazrim Taim, a former inspector with the Ministry of Justice in Onnosylia, met with your son on the matter of the murder of your familly members (adopted and biological). At the same time the hunters Weasly (last name not available) and Katrina Jennings. Met for a similar matter with (dramatic pause) Kryzer Krall. He too has lost family members to this murderer, pity.
After meeting and being hired, the hunters reconvened at their “secret” bunker. They began their hunt the same night by viewing our dead and their murder scenes. They learned bits about the murder at each place and believed it to be some kind of caster. Our personal caster was not in the area, so he remained above reproach.
Upon starting on the Krall evidence they found the murderer to be more capable in hand to hand combat then most casters. It was at this point they began to loose steam. But then they saught assistance.
They called on Inspector Detective Charles St. Francis. He was able to get the case files on each victim from the lead detective. He having only a passing familiarity with the case. They spent the next two hours cross referencing the files. They determined a common thread in Judge Joseph Wagner. He had been set to preside over their cases, but we and the Krall had them removed from holding. St. Francis recalled that Judge Wagner had died last november. By all accounts The Judge died of natural causes. Despite his unyielding moral code, he never proved a great enough nusence to kill off.
The hunters set out with this information, dug up the Judge’s body and burned it to ash. They re-covered the grave and turned in at 10:30 PM.
The next morning they were informed of another murder. They then decided to investigate the Wagner residence. St. Francis had heated words with the hunters in private, we can only guess at the subject matter, and obstained from the excursion. Once there, they quickly found the phantom of the Judge and sent him on into the afterlife.
We rewarded Misters Aderyn and Tiam as agreed 1000gp and costom made magical clothing. Each valued between 100 and 500 gold pieces. Miss Jennings, and Mister, ah.. the paladin Weasly received 1000gp and slave rings from Mr. Krall. No word yet as to how the Krall knew how much we planned to offer.
In other news it has become common knowledge that the kingdom of Tajan seeks to expand into the Frontier and, heaven forbid, the Hinterlands and East Coast. We have advised all of our associates that this is an unsavory outcome. The Krall have taken the opposite stance. We are unsure if this is simply to oppose us or if there is a deeper motivation.


Gang war foreshadowing. Time to stockpile weapons and make a huge profit when hostilities commence.


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