Katrina's New Journal

Keep Out - Yes, that means you, Weasly

From Katrina’s long-forgotten Journal:

Jackson would be very disappointed in me. I can’t even remember the last time I journaled. Hell, I don’t even know where my old journal went off to. Probably in a box somewhere. Maybe on the bookshelf. Who knows? Anyway. I just had Wesley apologize to me. Weirded me out, for sure, but it got me thinking. He said he apologized because of some of his dad’s old writings. Not really sure how that’s relevant, but it got me thinking about my dad. Well, got me thinking about Jackson. He was more a dad to me than anyone else, I suppose. He died. Hunter life. It’s how it goes. But it left me… searching. Searching for someone to fill that gap. I’ve never had a father. Not really. And then to find out what I really am.. I mean, I’ve always known I’m not human. Not fully, anyway. I mean, the horns are kind of a dead giveaway. But then, I had Him reach out to me, and I’m told He actually cares about me. I wasn’t just some mistake born out of lust. I don’t know. I’ve really been struggling with who I am recently. I haven’t gotten anywhere with avenging Jessie’s death. In fact, I came upon that.. that.. monster in a recent encounter, and I didn’t even stand a chance! I feel like I’ve grown so much over these past few months, and he just swatted me away like a fly! And now, now I find out I have access to some real power, but what am I supposed to do? Wesley thinks I’m some evil demon. And who knows? Maybe I am. Maybe it’s worth it for Jessie. But then, when my rage subsides, I wonder what she would think of me. She knew who I was. She didn’t care that I’m a monster. I was her sister, and she loved me. She wouldn’t want me to do that for her. I’m trying. I’m trying to be good, I’m trying to save as many innocents as I can, but then I get so angry when I encounter a vampire. I do have a tendency to go a little overboard I suppose. Use my heart instead of my head. But what am I supposed to do? I already made some sort of a deal with Him. I have a red eye now. Kind of annoying, actually, since I always have to wear this eye patch. But Barty says I could have real power if I just offered monsters to Him. I mean, we’re killing them anyway, right? What’s the harm? But the others.. they say it’s bad. They say it’s evil. That I’m condemning these monsters to torture. I wish Jackson were here. He would know what to say. He would know how to help. My only real friend now is Sammy. He never judges me. He just listens with those big brown dopey eyes. He’s a moose I saved, by the way. In case anyone reads my journal years from now. The Great Hunter Katrina’s Journal! Huzzah! What a lame, stupid girl. Her only friend is a Moose, and she’s half-monster herself. Ugh. I need to go hit something.


I think you are a devil. Just to be clear.

Katrina's New Journal

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