Post Gold Mine Town

Evan's Letter

Evan Williams priest of Ragathiel
To the Council of Our Impereal Lord

I unfortunately have grave news. As I was patrolling the border towns of the Elim frontier, I stumbled upon a work camp.

After inspecting the work camp for extraplanar incursion or some way to reforming the place and finding no such, I was prepared to leave when all of my party experienced a dream. In this dream, we were all playing board games opposite some lowerplanar entities.

Upon awakening we searched the town for two more days. Having found nothing, we retired for the evening.

While we were eating supper, another group of hunters entered the cantina. Most of this band were the hunters I worked with at the time of the cloudkill incident.

Shortly after they arrived, a woman I would later identify as a Lilin Devil entered the cantina and bent space so that could all sit at the same table. She told us that her master planned on summoning a monstrosity to destroy the work camp the following evening and informed us that her master preferred hunters alive to dead.

Being hunters and people devoted to not letting innocent people die, we plotted on how to protect the town and stop the monstrosity.

We decided to attempt to summon a celestial to fight the monstrosity while we found and destroyed the summoning circle used to bring it here.

We were blessed when a Movanic Deva answers our call and agreed to help us.

We marched on the mountain where the devil planned to summon the monstrosity.

As they summoned the monstrosity we called on the Deva to help. They clashed, and we made our way into the mountain

The two teams of hunters were split up almost immediately. We fought some devils: Domination, Lesser Host, and Assassin to be specific. We had to use the knowledge of the board game we played in our dreams to solve a puzzle and finally fought against overwhelming odds against another set of devils including an apathetic Drowning Devil.

In the meantime, the other hunters made it to the summoning room and were able to break the circle. They said that they also fought devils in this room but I have a feeling they were lying.

Whatever the case, once the summoning circle was broken, all of the devils were expelled back to their own plane.

Upon entering the summoning room, I saw the sigil of the instigator. The three armed grave of Deumos glowed a blood red. In blind rage, I smashed the symbol until it ceased to be recognisable or glow.

The Deva saluted us and returned to Celestia.
A ghost of a young man said that we were allowed the contents of his tomb.

Returning to the company town, we found that the Overland Protection Agency, some wolves, and an advisor to the town manager had protected the summoning circle in our absence.

The advisor paid our way to leave with the Overland Protection Agency.

My team is headed to the north to try and determine the origin of the vampire cult I wrote you about previously.



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