April 28 from the Journal of Failed Vampire Rufus Garholt Jr.

Mistress gave me a special mission. I am to kidnap a boy in the leather worker’s shop just north of the smithy. She didn’t say why she needed him, but she made some vague hint at the bonding ritual. I hope that’s what he’s for. I’ve been so lost since that half-elf bit me. If mistress can add me to her fold maybe I’ll learn to be a true vampire.

04/29 from the Journal of Drew Deacon

After I got of the late shift last night I stopped by the Bar for a round. Met this beautiful woman. She seemed as interested in me as I in her. After a few rounds we went back to my place. It was a good night. Eager pleaser that one. When we woke up this morning she looked a lot older then she did last night, but I guess that’s the way it usually is. After spending some time is the wash room she looked the thing again. She convinced me to play hooky. As before eager pleaser. She asked if I could arrange a meeting with the Crawford boy, Elio. She didn’t exactly say why, but I figured she was some kind of talent scout. Had that almost high class way about her. I told her I would and she was very happy. I don’t usually give in to all this touchy feely stuff, but If I did want to spend the rest of my nights with someone she wouldn’t be a bad choice.


Apparently some people came in and kidnapped the whole Crawford family. There was a big scuffle and gun fire. In under a minute all of them had cleared out of town. I think the law would a caught them if that old fellow Eskender hadn’t of slowed them down. I don’t know why they keep him around.
My new lady was none too please with this information said I should have tried harder to arrange a meeting yesterday. She went out for some fresh air. It’s been six hours… I don’t think she’s coming back.

05/01/(Year) from Glitter Pages (Gossip Columns in the Whinebrass Times by Howard Evard
Readers will Recall that some months ago this paper Peported about a sudden new socialite who goes by the Mono-nom Saraneth. And while this paper has previously commented on her lack of charitable works or social competence, we must put that aside as the fauxpaws of a Neuvo Riche. Not more than one day ago Saranath was seen taking in a family of no great means. Her reason and intentions in this are unknown. It is known however that she has acquired a tutor for the son in this family and has set up the parent in a small leather shop downtown. We must expect her Tatavulian Suitor of having some involvement in this choice of hers, as he was seen bringing the family to her and has on many occasions been seen visiting her before and after this (and without a chaperon at that). Perhaps we should forward that information to the Nuptial Columns, that is if her Non- Neuvo Riche habits hold out. This paper still has no more information on the identity of her Suitor. Anyone who would like to comment on the entries in today’s paper or who have ideas for future entries are encourage to write Helen Drave here at the paper.

May 2nd Letter from “Mistress” to her associates camped out in Whinebrass, discarded by associates, acquired by Otis the Hobo.

The Boy is too well guarded, by a summoner, it seems. We must look for another option. I will follow up with next of kin from Subject 0.



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