Raise the Roof

One year to go.

Our divination was correct and a band of hunters arrived today. Jack had agreed to pick a fight with Claudia so that the hunters could see what she was.
The events unfolded better than expected. The hunters being hunters followed Claudia to the Garcia estate. They fought her and escaped.
As I understand they talked with Sheriff Meier. It seems he tried to convince them to leave.
After that they came to our house and after we determined who they were.
I talked with them and convinced them to assist us by destroying the Garcias’ alter.
They planned to attack during the party.
The hunters said that it went well: they destroyed the alter and rescued one of our runners, but the priest, most likely Pedro, organized a mob.

The hunters went to various parties and left the next morning.

As I have witnessed so I have recorded

Chad Smith
Chosen of the Angels.



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