The Curious Case of the Unsolvable Case

And other journal musings from Charles St. Francis

So being as I am the detective who is renown for not being on the take, it was odd to me when I was not assigned to investigate this second string of bi-family related murders.

After the second murder, I determined that the MO was sufficiently different to imply a different perpetrator. The case was then reassigned to detective I now suspect of some serious mental deficit.

Although it was not my case, I still kept tabs on it under the premise that the cause for the homicides or their instigators were connected.

After five more murders, the hunters that I used to work with were hired by the Orsinis and the Kralls. When they came to me for help, I used my passing knowledge of the case to tell them verbatim what had happened to each victim and when. Over the course of one day, they managed to piece together that all of the victims were tried by the same judge and got off on technicalities.

How I never managed to put this together is a mystery. For all cases, I try and find commonalities between the victims and yet for this case I completely failed to do so. It is like some outside power held me back from doing the police work I have been doing for the past two decades. This is of course just an excuse I’m sure.

The other case is infuriating to me as well. There were two murders back in December. But the rest of the shootings have not resulted in any fatalities.

Though I am not for the wanton loss of life, the murders actually caused less trouble. When the victim lives he is able to identify the shooter. Each of the victims have identified their shooter as a member of the other family.

To make matters worse, the accused party denies the accusation, but cannot establish a sufficient alibi.

As I see it, there are only two options, and neither of them seem particularly probable. First is that the families are fighting and will soon break out into war. The second is that some third party is manipulating both families into being at each others’ throats. The second options seems by far less likely: it would require a vast amount of resources to pull off and not get caught. The families can get emotional – that Romeo and Juliet incident that happened because of Don Orsini’s sister and her Krell lover is proof enough – so perhaps it is the prelude to a war.


Hey, the simplest commonality can elude anyone for a time. Or four of us for most of a session…


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