Episode Guide

Season 1

episode Title Genre Synopsis Twist Location DM
1 Pilot Combat Heavy/ Siege The party seeks group cohesion by taking local bounties. A Necromancer-Priest of Zon-Kuthon has set up a profain area in an empty home outside of town. Doven Glen Linn
2 Into the Woods Investigation/Combat-Light OR TPK The party sets out to locate a missing Hunter. Tiande Ian
3 Howls in the Night Combat The PC’s go to investigate Cattle mutilation and wolves behaving strangely. a mage is experimenting with crossing species Haymill Michael
4 Ill Met by Moonlight Combat Heavy The players are hired to hunt a werewolf. They are hired by a vampire in disguise Doven Glen Matthew
5 Into the Fraye Investigative/Combat There are strange things happening in Stopgap Stopgap Rachel
6 He liked it Mini-game the players follow a lead to find Jackson in the Whinebrass underground they are tested by a Demi-god Whinebrass Ricky
7 Following Cormac Social Sandbox Continuing on the trail of the deceased Hunter Cormac Whinebrass Ian
8 Faith Healer Linn
9 Debutante Debut Investigation and Social The Party is hired to work security at a coming out ball An Attic Whisperer lives is here and is looking for a new play mate Whinebrass Heights Matthew
10 Burn, Baby, Burn investigation the Party seeks out a summoner who is using Fire elemental to commit arson Rachel
11 The Cost of Living Combat and Investigation A local merchant is pursued by some familiar foes In order to defeat the contract devil plaguing Elim, members of the party enter into a daring contract of their own Whinebrass Heights Ian

Season 2

episode Title Genre Synopsis Twist Location DM
1 So He put a ring on it Dungeon Delve the Demi-god tests the players once more The Demi-god seeks to make a cohesive party out of the PCs Demi-plane Ricky
2 Who Am I? Dungeon Delve The Party is requisitioned to help deal with a variety of monsters All of the participants have had their memory erased Demi-plane of Jason Matthew
3 First World Problems 1 Investigation/Combat The Hunters trade their investigative prowess for information from an Orsini-affiliated magic user The party runs afoul of a witch who could prove a powerful and persistent opponent and must choose between her interests and those of the Orsini Family Whinebrass Heights Ian
4 Clue Puzzle/light combat the party investigates a potential werewolf attack Gwithir is given the scroll of prophetic visions by an Angel sent by the Game Master. Also it the werewolf is a Werewolf hating ghost that has become what he hated. Waddington Michael
5 The Shadow Nose Investigation/dungeon delve/radial defense the party helps protect a town from thieves thieves were actually an advance troop for an invasion Stopgap Matthew
6 A Brief Interlude Puzzle Dungeon Some of the Hunters accompany Brooks on a delve into dwarven ruins It takes longer to divide the treasure than it did to find it Whinebrass Ian
7 First World Problems 2 Travel and Investigation With the clock ticking on their Infernal contract, the Hunters must take Saraneth the Binder to a location suitable for summoning a powerful fey ruler Eliza negotiates another layer to the ever-deepening web of bargains and contracts around members of the party Whinebrass/Mayhill Ian
8 AYU Mini-game/combat The players are enlisted to help a Pooka fight a monster The monster is another Pooka Doven Glen Michael
9 Dead Man Walking Dungeon Delve/Heavy Combat The party is requested to help with a body snatcher The bodies are being taken by a scientist who is using them for experiments Haymill Matthew
10 Contractual Obligation Resolution With all the pieces in place, the Hunters spring the trap they’ve designed for Aehizial — and hope it doesn’t close on them instead The Hunters discover they’ve been acting as cat’s paws for a different Infernal interest. Players’ choice Ian
11 Network dungeon and combat PC’s are asked to investigate mysterious deaths kappa are stealing souls because Sarah Sullivan is forcing them to Winebrass Michael
12 Transformation Social Intrigue the bill comes due Matthew

Season 3

episode Title Genre Synopsis Twist Location DM
1 Runes Within Runes Dungeon Delve How about a relaxing dungeon crawl with your old friend Paolo to lighten the mood? East of Whinebrass Ian
2 Manticore heavy combat due to a contract, the hunters must hunt a Manticore objects in Crystal Ball may be larger than they appear east of Llimyah Michael
3 Don’t Be Mad Puzzle/combat An old friend shows up to help the PCs TBD Matthew
4 Blood Feud 1: Proof of Life Investigation/Combat Brooks has a lead on a vampire nest New Port Ian
5 The New Game of Virtue Rewarded and Vice Punished Mini-game/dungeon the hunters continue to follow the prophetic missions of the Game Master The party go to a corrupted corner of the Fey Wild and fight Fey blighted by an abberant being Revelation Michael
6 Hive Sweet Hive Dungeon Delve The Party is hired to rescue people from a vampire den BatWyrm/Frontier Matthew
7 Succession 1: Remediation Combat The Hunters are asked to fight a monster on behalf of the Men of Letters A number of allies, both old and new, want to see the creature eliminated Whinebrass Catacombs Ian
8 Raise the Roof Social with a side of combat A dream from the Game Master directs the party to a city in the hinterlands there are five houses that have been battling for 100 years and the party has to decide who or if to help Feron Michael
9 Judgment Investigation Semi-Allies to the players are being picked off by a monster Whinebrass Matthew
10 Blood Feud 2: Hunter Hunted Puzzle/Combat A mysterious missive prompts the party to check up on an Onosyllian Hunter He’s not doing so well Whinebrass Ian
11 Evan’s Mission Investigation + Combat Evan Williams is sent by the Church of Ragathiel to investigate the destruction of the “holies” The mission was a simulation of past events made by Brom for the Tieflings at his academy on a rainy day. Doven Glen + Winebrass Heights Michael
12 What Lies Below Dungeon Delve Dwarven Ruins Matthew
13 Succession 2: Obfuscation Investigation When impossible assassinations start piling up among the faithful in Revelation, an old friend calls on the Hunters for help Revelation Ian

Season 4

episode Title Genre Synopsis Twist Location DM APL
1 Ur: Royal Game of Summer Dungeon Delve A dream from the Game Master leads the party to an unremarkable gold mining company town Deumus is prepared to summon a Kaiju to destroy the town Gold Mine Town Michael 8
2 Protection Investigation A child is endangered by vampires St. Torla Matthew 8
3 Blood Feud 3: Quality of Life Investigation/Combat A mysterious shipment arrives at the base, prompting a number of questions Pretty straightforward vampire hunt Whinebrass Ian 9
4 Threads: Ambush for the Kukiri Mystery/Combat Forthright received a letter about the death of an exemployer Forthright was possessed. Her master set an ambush for the party. The Possessing demon does not know what an ambush is. Mancho Pass Michael 9
5 HeistJager Heist an opportunity to gain information on an enemy arises, but it might get complicated Nagaton, Centreland Matthew 9
6 Succession 3: Revelation Resolution With the appropriate phase of the moon approaching, the party returns to confront the daemonic assassin and its master The summoner was revealed to be Anton Horst Carrick Family Vineyard/Revelation Ian 9
7 San Andreas Dungeon Delve Following a dream from the Game Master, the party have reason to think something supernatural is causing the earthquakes. Wilderness Michael 9
8 Hunted Survival/Combat the tables are turned on the PCs Whinebrass Heights Matthew 9
9 Blood Feud 4: Thicker Than Water Investigation/Combat The PCs attempt to aid a child suffering from a grave illness The child had been poisoned and required a unique cure Whinebrass outskirts Ian 10
10 Michael 10
11 Jack in the Box Dungeon Delve A new ally offers Mazrim a chance at finding the creature that killed his partner NewPort Matthew 10
12 Jenny Was a Friend of Mine Investigation A parishioner of Tatavul’s temple in Whinebrass may have acquired a haunted mansion A fairly standard spirit hunt with a lot of different angles Whinebrass: Upper District Ian 10
13 Surakarta Investigation The hunters head to New Port following a dream sent by the the Game Master Angels in human hosts want to see Katrina dead New Port City Michael 10
14 Dog Eat god world dungeon delve Constent werewolf attacks on the frontier require further investigation The werewolves are allied with vampires Elim Frontier Matthew 10
15 Blood Feud 5: A Matter of Life and Death Puzzle/Combat Brooks has located the body of the dread vampire and calls the PCs to his location The body is being used by other vampires in a ritual, and they don’t surrender it easily Elim Frontier Ian 10

Season 5

episode Title Genre Synopsis Twist Location DM APL
1 Panic at the Opera Security Detail When the safety of a cultural event is threatened, the Hunters are hired to protect the attendees Some Jerks in Masks Show up Whinebrass Michael 10
2 Long Black Train Escape The party escort Eliza to Tajan The train and it’s inhabitants want to trap and kill the PCs Whinebrass-Tajan Matthew 10
3 Missing Caravan Investigation/Combat The Hunters are called upon by Cardinal Heel when a Tatavulian caravan is slaughtered by monsters Straightforward monster hunt Doven Glen Ian 10
4 Chaos Hous Dungeon Delve Following a dream from the Game Master, the PCs work with Brom to disconnect a Tanari Demiplane No twist. NEVER use Betrayal at House on the Hill for a dungeon. Winebrass/ Chaos House Demiplane Michael 10
5 The Sacrament of Marriage Mass Combat The party is invited to the wedding of Matthew Levi and Sister Pauella Tatavulian Mission Matthew 10
6 Blood Feud 6: Blood Runs Cold Players’ Choice Another vampiric target is chosen for the Hunters The Hunters and players must decide if all vampires need to be fought Whinebrass East Ian 11
7 I Constantly Thank God for Diego Extraction Michael Butler implores the hunters to help him rescue Vincent Orsini Claudia is stronger than ever and has guys that turn into freaking trolls Winebrass Heights Michael 11
8 Eviction: Tulpa part 2 Dungeon Delve/Puzzle Solving The party tries to free Elio from the Tulpa Saraneth’s Drawing Room, Whinebrass Matthew 11
9 Training Day Investigation/Combat Some of Tatavul’s newer Hunters are checking in on a secluded homestead and request backup. The homesteaders aren’t doing so well, courtesy of the necromancer Liam. Frontier Ian 11
10 Surakarta pt2 Moral Delima The hunters are again called to New Port by the Game Master Angels by way of hosts are lobotomizing people and must be stopped New Port Michael 11
11 Guard the Gnome Radial Defense An acquaintance asks the party for help Elim Frontier Matthew 11
12 Blood Feud 8: Getting Blood From a Stone Stealth/Combat Eva Caldwell asks the PCs for help striking a blow against her vampiric rival. TBD Doven Glen Ian 11
13 High Hopes Player’s Choice The Smith Family of Feron request the PCs help There is a Katrina Clone working for the Mullers Feron Michael 11
14 Bridging the Gap Dungeon Delve old enemies are making new allies necromancer s and necro-crafters Elim Frontier Matthew 11
15 The Ties That Bind Players’ Choice Saraneth hires the PCs to protect her on a journey. It’s a very long journey. TBA Ian 11

Season 6

episode Title_______________ Genre Synopsis_______________ Twist_______________ Location DM APL
1 Abnormal Investigations 1 Investigation/Combat Detective St. Francis asks the Brothel Hunters for help with supernatural cases there is a lot of weird stuff going on Winebrass Heights Michael 11
2 Writer’s Block Base Defense An Ally needs the party to protect him HQ, Whinebrass Matthew 11
3 Sanctuary Social/Combat Father Joseph Isakson asks the PCs for assistance solving a problem. The path is fraught with illusions and peril. Sanctuary Ian 12
4 Chaos Asylum Combat The studendt of Ravens Academy are given permission to kill the Tanari bonded with Brom The Tanari is Dr. Aeshma of the Chaos House Winebrass Hights Michael 12
5 Matt 12
6 Blood Feud 9: Blood Bank Anti-heist? Eva Caldwell has encountered some of Anastasia’s thralls in Whinebrass and needs help eliminating them. The vampires are accompanied by Mazrim and Paolo. Whinebrass Heights Ian 12
7 Windsong Heist 1 session 0 Gwithir sets out to complete a quest and regain his propper form He needs allies to break into a building with no windows or doors Cormanthyr, the past Michael 12
8 Matt 12
9 Whom the Gods Would Destroy Investigation Each of the Hunters has an ally or potential employer approach them about a problem around the city. Their individual missions aren’t as disparate as it initially seems. Whinebrass Heights and…? Ian 12
10 Windsong Heist 2: Party Crashers Intrigue Gwithir and crew seek out a way to enter the Tower and help a noble woman humiliate he ex If you tell players “humiliate” they will assume "public self-defication Cormanthyr, the past Michael 12
11 Matt 12
12 The Balance Will Be Served Investigation A serial killer is targeting followers of Tatavul in New Port. Sister Victoria McMillan suspects the killer isn’t a natural creature. TBA New Port Ian 12
13 Michael 12
14 Matt 12
15 Blood Feud 10 Ian 13

Season Template

episode Title_______________ Genre Synopsis_______________ Twist_______________ Location DM APL
1 Michael
2 Matt
3 Ian
4 Michael
5 Matt
6 Ian
7 Michael
8 Matt
9 Ian
10 Michael
11 Matt
12 Ian
13 Michael
14 Matt
15 Ian

Episode Guide

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